Młoda puszysta kobieta szuka sponsora

Bielsko-Biała / śląskie

Hello. I am a young fluffy woman - I have to mention the figure to be sure about the expectations :-) My life turned out in this and no other way and that is why I am here. I am fluffy due to health problems, but I am still working on myself and I guarantee that in some time it will be much better visually :-) I need financial help and I am looking for someone to take care of me.

tel.: GG-75112667
added at: 18.05.2022
updated at: 18.05.2022


Poznań / wielkopolskie

I am looking for a nice 40+ woman to pamper me lots of cuddles and touching in my hotel room in central Poznan (24-31 czerwiec).
If you are interested please write to me and we can discuss expectations & fees.
I am in my 60's, tall, slim and I am a gentleman who just likes to relax maybe with a bottle of wine or a Polish vodka.

added at: 16.05.2022

Wczasy $$$ sponsoring

Drawsko Pomorskie / zachodniopomorskie

I am looking for a nice, sexy girl with whom I will be able to spend a few crazy nights in the Drawskie Lake District from May 29 to June 7. I pay for travel, hotel and the entire stay, and specifically for sponsorship. Everything to be agreed.

tel.: GG: 62910867
added at: 02.05.2022
Obsłużę Pana, Warszawa

Obsłużę Pana

Warszawa / mazowieckie

Masculine, submissive, I will be happy to serve you, I'll go for fucking, suck my dick, cum from my dick in my hole or in my mouth. I'm happy to lick my feet, ass, balls and dick, nip my soxy and pants. Dominate and flood your ass. We can fuck in balaclavas. If you have any fantasies or fetishes, write to me, I'm open (anal, sneak, soxy, bb, balaclavas). Mostly universal, passive in anal.
I am 35 years old, 178 cm, 72 kg, 17 cm, shapely, cut short, shaved.
Warsaw - there is a place to live.

tel.: 572779744
added at: 26.04.2022
updated at: 26.04.2022
Spragniony, Dobra


Dobra / wielkopolskie

A young boy who likes sex in your car or your apartment. Discreet 100%

tel.: 736 637 704
added at: 22.04.2022
updated at: 24.04.2022
Brzydula, Katowice


Katowice / śląskie

Ugly old woman will meet a sponsor who will pay to improve my appearance and help me make ugly teeth.
I don't ride guys and I don't do anal, the rest is OK.
Hours to be agreed, nothing more.
I have a fat belly and hideous teeth, small tits, I don't wear high heels, I'm not attractive.
Anal only for the chosen one or two old men.

tel.: 739134550
added at: 19.04.2022
updated at: 26.04.2022
Kocham LIZAĆ ORAZ ANALIK, Ruda Śląska


Ruda Śląska / śląskie

Hello to all beautiful ladies and couples. I love LICK AND ANALYZER. I am asking for REAL NEWS and phone calls from those who are determined to be happy. I do not have a place to live. Ruda Slaska. Meeting with a pre-arranged interview

tel.: +48513813604
added at: 10.04.2022
updated at: 10.04.2022
Raczej FWB bo ślub jeszcze nie, Sosnowiec

Raczej FWB bo ślub jeszcze nie

Sosnowiec / śląskie

I am looking for someone for an FWB relationship. As a person with physical disabilities, I think I have a better chance of this kind of friendship than a relationship. Such a friend would also be a therapist for me. It would be therapeutic for me. It would make me feel motivated to continue working on my body and thus appreciated, and finally I would have company. This is mainly about the latter. If there is any lady willing, please do not hesitate to contact me.

tel.: 725308164
added at: 02.04.2022
updated at: 08.04.2022

Zasponsoruje Pania

Bielawa / dolnośląskie

Hello. I will sponsor you.
In exchange for her online and real time.
I am looking for a lady to pamper and take care of.
Of course, gifts from me and purchases too.
I offer PLN 4,000-5,000 per month.
For your time and meeting.
We can discuss the rest privately.
Please write on Whatsapp.

added at: 25.03.2022

Młody chłopak szuka sponsora

Opole / opolskie

I am quite a handsome and energetic 18-year-old looking for impressions, speak up and we will certainly get along

tel.: 794570220
added at: 24.03.2022
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