Chętna na seks

Zamość / lubelskie

I will sponsor a woman who likes to have fun combined with good sex. I am 36 years old and I miss fun and I like to combine business with pleasure. I care about discretion. More in a private message. I am interested in waiting for an answer.

tel.: 723742184
added at: 18.05.2023
Chcesz mnie więcej ?, Poznań

Chcesz mnie więcej ?

Poznań / wielkopolskie

Hi. I would like to offer you my worn underwear, photos and writing that will definitely spark your imagination. I assure anonymity.

Write an e-mail, we'll get along - [email protected]

tel.: n/a
added at: 06.05.2023


Chorzów / śląskie

Nasty, old, 43 years old, old small tits, fat belly and hideous teeth - seriously, fear to be afraid will meet the sponsor

tel.: 739134550
added at: 06.05.2023


Kraków / małopolskie

Handsome, elegant, free, no addictions, mature, 188 cm, slim, intelligent, sensitive, good heart, romantic, big pet, it will be fun to spend time together - for longer or permanently. Happiness, madness, delights, caring about the pleasures of a woman, fulfillment of desires and fantasies. Travel, madness, big financial benefits. And are you cool? I WILL TAKE CARE FOR LONGER. Differently and repeatedly pamper you, it will be delightful. LET'S MEET, we'll go crazy day and night. And everything is possible.
I am looking for a long-term friend - a nymphomaniac. You are sexy, delightful, submissive, open to various proposals to have a lot of money, I will help you and you do not have to meet at all with any numerous guys to have pleasure, stability.

Permanent income min. PLN 5000 / month and PLN 20000 / MONTH and more depends on you and your time and commitment.
Various pleasures by satisfying oneself, fantasizing, having pleasures. I am looking for a single, sexy partner for longer, I have a place and time for you. GO TO CALL

tel.: 791156695
added at: 05.05.2023
updated at: 05.05.2023

Mężczyzna w potrzebie szuka pilnie sponsorki

Toruń / kujawsko-pomorskie

Are you looking for romance, adventure, fun or simply in the world you lack sex and sexual sensations or maybe you want to meet over coffee for a simple conversation and keep you company then write to me if you want and let's spend a nice and pleasant time together. Forgive me for being so open, but I don't like to beat around the bush, I prefer to have the situation clear. I found myself in need and I need to earn some extra money hence my request for possible financial assistance if possible. I can repay you. I am looking for a casual, non-committal relationship with no strings attached. I am interested in a specific, determined and real woman. Therefore, please do not send me links to paid sites, I do not respond to such messages at all. If you are interested in this advertisement, please contact me. Kind regards.

tel.: 781486632
added at: 04.05.2023
Szukam sponsora, Katowice

Szukam sponsora

Katowice / śląskie

I will meet a real guy for a meeting of a few hours for the amount of 1000 PLN.

tel.: 513486966
added at: 30.04.2023
updated at: 25.05.2023
Szukam na Dziś, Lublin

Szukam na Dziś

Lublin / lubelskie

I am looking to meet at a hotel for tonight in the center of Warsaw for the night. I will pay 3 thousand Max 23 years old

tel.: 0881194005
added at: 27.04.2023
updated at: 04.05.2023
Szukam sponsorki, Płock

Szukam sponsorki

Płock / mazowieckie

Hello, I am looking for a sponsor

tel.: 780516426
added at: 27.04.2023
updated at: 27.04.2023

Wczasy $$$ sponsoring

Drawsko Pomorskie / zachodniopomorskie

I am looking for a nice, sexy girl with whom I can spend a few crazy nights in the Drawskie Lake District from May 24 - June 1. I pay for travel, hotel and the entire stay, and I sponsor specifically. Everything negotiable.

tel.: 62910867
added at: 25.04.2023
Szukam sponsorki, Częstochowa

Szukam sponsorki

Częstochowa / śląskie

I am a nice 24-year-old boy who is looking for a sponsor. I am at your full disposal. You can write to me if it's not just about sex. We can also just spend time together :-)

tel.: 57994716
added at: 25.04.2023
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